The Great Viennese Café: A Laboratory

October 2011

We designed 'Homage to Karl' for MAK - Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art as part of our vision of a future viennese coffee house.
All ideas for the coffeehouse of the future can be tested at the MAK starting on 5 October 2011, when the MAK Columned Main Hall will play host to the socalled 'Experimental Design'. This, the climax of the multi-stage research project 'The Great Viennese Café: A Laboratory', will feature one-and-a-half weeks of regular coffeehouse operations including usable prototypes of young designers’ most innovative creations for the coffeehouse of the 21st century. An exhibition at the MAK DESIGN SPACE will document the multi-month project to further develop this special, quintessentially Viennese kind of place while also serving to evaluate the 'Experimental Design’s' test run.