2018 | Limited Edition

Roque is a homeware collection that consists of 6 different handmade terrazzo pieces. These can be played around with to create functional yet sculptural settings to be used at the dinner table, as well as home or office accessories. The shapes are archaic and basic, whereas the surface pattern is organic and complex, creating a compelling contrast in the objects as a whole.
The unique character of the materiality expresses itself in the unusual mix of terrazzo and concrete. Cast in moulds, the forms come out looking like solid concrete before certain areas get sanded down to reveal marble pebbles and stones within the concrete. This production technique is reminiscent of an archeological process, where surface layers are removed to uncover treasures hidden beneath. The initial idea for the collection was born while experimenting around with a production process which was developed by Kaza Concrete and originally used for tile manufacturing.
The beauty of the process lies in the fact that no piece is the same. One can measure and control how much and what kind of marble and stones are added to the cement mixture, yet the way they arrange themselves happens organically and is only visible once the object is in its final state of creation.


Material: Concrete and terrazzo
Photography: Dejan Ivkovic
Design: with Tanja Lightfoot