Patrycja Domanska was born in 1985 in Poland and grew up in Vienna, Austria.

She graduated with mention in the department of Industrial Design led by Paolo Piva at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna in 2009. After a few design internships she established her Design Studio, where she works on her own projects as well as for clients. The Studio is based in Vienna, Austria.

Her design work started conceptual and was driven by a self taught handcrafted character. She realized soon that it is not storytelling that triggers her interest and decided to focus on designing products.

In her work Patrycja Domanska is curious about manufacturing processes and open for trends, forward thinking but based on the already known and history. So she observes the social change, pulls inspiration from cultural backgrounds and questions conventions and taboos. She puts out her projects without shyness to new contexts. The search for the secret and undiscovered is carried out by experiments already directly on the object and translated into timely functional products.










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