Dress a Bulb

2015 | Goodgoods

Dress a Bulb is a collection of lampshades made out of Tyvek that are available in three different shapes. They are distinguished by their innovative materiality and traditional way of creating them; by using elements from the textile industry.
Hatgrape and shell originate from the idea of dressing a Russian chandelier (in Austria this is colloquial for a bulb hanging from the ceiling). The mounting just takes an instant: The lampshades can be put on a LED bulb and fixed by an elastic cord. Made from classic cuts, the lampshades get their own character through the strategic use of draping and ruffles. Applied to Tyvek the result is something that would never be possible with fabrics solely. The paper-like behavior of the material causes the lampshades to have an inherent stability, but at the same time can be packaged in their flattened form. The resulting crease effect makes this handmade product so charming. The lampshades are produced by a charitable organization which employs people with disabilities.


Material: Tyvek
Photography: Paris Tsitsos