2015 | Interio

In 2015 the Austrian company Interio, a retailer for contemporary home living, launched its first collection of furniture and accessoires. For the Österreich Kollektion, the company invited 6 Design Studios to interpret traditional furniture in a modern way, based on a brief that they had to be designed and produced in Austria.
As a historic piece of furniture, the divan adopted numerous seating typologies over time: Whether as an ottoman, chaise longue, récamiere or sofa, it was present in every household as an element which had to meet various claims regarding its use and its arrangement in the room. 
In order to maintain this variety, the seating system was designed to be modular. Inspired by strict and simple geometric shapes the creation of different seating typologies with as few elements as possible forms the basis of the design. The main feature are the fabric-covered legs arranged around the horizontal seating surface, giving the product a uniform appearance.
The outcome is Falbeson, a collection which includes a sofa and chaise lounge. It is available in two fabrics: velvet or loden. Thanks to the removable cushions it can easily be converted into a guest bed.


Material: Wood, steel, textile
Photography: Interio