2011 | Rado Store Vienna

In their installation Radograph, Patrycja Domanska and Felix Gieselmann argue with the graphic elements which are used for the representation of time. On three differently big discs, lines, letters and figures are arranged in strictly conceived patterns and are combined by the use of several clear layers. A moiré effect, a play of the perception, originates from rotation of these levels. The duration of the rotations is deciding and adjusted to the graphics, the optical illusion is generated only by them. The factor time becomes therefore the creative instrument. The Radograph shows the time in form of lines and draws in front of the eye of the viewer new patterns, of which the play of intervals forms the basis. These overlappings illustrate, according to the direction of rotation and the speed, textures, dissolve again or open the view on underneath lying fragments.


Design: with Felix Gieselmann